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Action Summary
This is a summary of the topics discussed and actions taken by the Policy Development Committee. Summaries for other groups can be found below.
National Council
Policy Development Committee

This is a summary of the actions taken by the Pirate Party Australia Policy Development Committee.

Date Chair Minutes Discussed Motions
08-01-2014 Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer Wiki
  • Universal healthcare, education and childcare
  • Revenge Pornography
  • Constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians
  • Tort of Privacy
  • Motion PassedY Focus on the development of universal healthcare, education and childcare policies. Healthcare should consider dental and ambulance cover. Education should consider cost of education and accessibility.
  • Template:MotionLapses Focus on the development of a revenge pornography policy that considers the introduction of a concept of "permanent publication" and the addition of predators to a list.
  • Motion PassedY Focus on the development of a policy regarding Indigenous Australians, having specific regard to the proposals of the Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians.
  • Motion PassedY Focus on the development of a policy regarding a tort for privacy violations.
  • Motion PassedY Focus on the development of a revenge pornography policy that considers the introduction of a concept of "permanent publication", a potential sentencing requiring placement on a list for sexual predators, and the ability for police to act upon threatening calls.
22-01-2014 Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer Wiki
  • PDC is now responsible for ensuring submissions to inquiries are made.
  • Digital economy policy
  • Patents on life
  • Motion PassedY Focus on investigating policies to advance the opportunities for small to medium startup businesses in Australia to enhance the digital economy.
19-03-2014 Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer Wiki
  • Retask Refocus Indigenous Australians WG to address constitutional reform more broadly
  • TIA Act supplementary submission proposed
  • A position statement referencing our various related policies might be a good way to highlight that's what our policies are about.
  • Motion PassedY Rename the Indigenous Australians WG to "Constitutional Reform Working Group" with the following brief: "Examine potential reforms of the Australian Constitution, including recognition of Indigenous Australians as recommended by the Expert Panel."
02-04-2014 Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer Wiki
  • Constitutional Reform WG has hit a deadlock on whether to develop a stance on republicanism. Republicanism to be included (see minutes)
  • Serious Invasions of Privacy WG discussion paper released, submission required
  • Senate Elections WG to be chaired by Brendan instead of Andrew and renamed to Election Inquiry WG
28-05-2014 Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer Wiki
  • KAFTA, submission started
  • Education policy amendments proposed, see minutes
  • Discourse exists and should be used [1]
  • One meeting of the Agriculture and Food Working Group called so far
13-08-2014 Andrew Downing Wiki
  • Inquiries Officer introduced (Mozart
  • Mozart to submit to Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper and Data retention legislation inquiry
  • Constitutional Reform, Energy, Privacy Tort and Senate Elections Working Groups completed
  • Universal Education, Universal Childcare and Sexual Offences Working Groups benched
  • Universal Healthcare Working Group chair changed to Bill McLean
27-08-2014 Andrew Downing Wiki
  • Fletcher Boyd, Sunny Kalsi and Ben Fairless added to the PDC, Laura Killian taking a break
  • Brendan and Mozart are looking at crowdfunding the translation of an important Dutch case into English.
  • The consultation paper on data retention has been leaked
  • Agriculture and Food Working Group moved to backlog
  • Library and Cultural Development Working Group brought back from backlog, chaired by Sunny Kalsi
  • Distributed Digital Currencies and Economies Policy discussed, see minutes