Minutes/National Council/2014-03-13

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Meeting Minutes
This document is a record of a meeting. Do not edit this document without contacting the relevant group first.


Start time: 20:50 AEST 13/03/14

Finish time: 21:37 AEST 13/03/14


National Council

  • Simon Frew (Chair)
  • Brendan Molloy
  • Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer
  • Mark Gibbons
  • Daniel Judge
  • David Campbell

Other Officers, Co-ordinators etc

  • Jack Coulter (ITWG)
  • Fletcher Boyd (WA)


  • Glen Takkenberg
  • Melanie Thomas


Ratification of previous meeting's minutes

Internet Engineering Committee

  • Terms of Reference: http://openpad.me/Tn4SJwkbNb
    • tl;dr geeks need an outlet so let's have one
    • proposal to appoint Jack Coulter (jscinoz) as the IEO.
  • see motions

Pozible update

  • Goal met and exceeded
  • Currently at around $11k
  • The money will appear in our account on April 15 because of timing issues
    • fortunately we have around $5.6k in the bank account so we're still basically on budget
    • if there's an issue with liquidity Brendan can top up cash into the account temporarily
  • telling people it was tax deductible got us two major donations $1550 and $1000

WA Senate Election + Preferences

Treasurer role change

  • Consensus that the Treasurer is not meeting the expectations of the National Council.
  • Attempts at contact to be made over the next fortnight, action to be decided at the next National Council meeting.


  • Brendan proposes that MarkG get a Xero trial account and see if it's any good for our uses
    • http://www.xero.com/
    • Party should be able to afford $25per month account (or $50 if necessary) if it suits our needs
  • see motions

Reimbursement claim from Samantha Barrett

  • 3 outdoor Pirate Party Banners ordered by Sam Barrett (unraveled) on behalf of party (so as to order via Credit Card)
  • Rush order so as to obtain them by March in March
  • Pre-Approved expenditure of $250 via NC motion by email
    • See motions -
      • Note: Motion via email in days prior to NC meeting (Emergency Motion)
    • reciept for items has been sent to NC
      • Total: $241.71
    • only 2 of the 3 banners recieved from Vistaprint, but 3rd on way (only needed one urgently)
  • Reimbursement will be delayed til after April 15th so as to retain extra monies in party funds for WA Election
    • Sam is fine with this delay

Urgent motions by-law

  • What the by-law will do:
    • Allows NC to vote via email without needing a meeting
    • Quorum and majority requirements are the same as stated in the Constitution
    • A vote of aye, nay or abstain must be returned to count towards quorum (6 votes must be cast, 5 must be ayes to pass)
    • Urgent motions are only available where decisions need to be made before the next meeting, for urgent reimbursements (such as if someone needs to pay the rent), and in election periods where we need maximum flexibility
    • Stipulates that the motion text and result must be minuted and confirmed at the next meeting
  • http://pad.pirateparty.org.au/p/emergency-motions-bylaw
  • See motions

Add Rebecca Howard to the WAWG

  • As requested by Fletcher
  • Brendan confirms that she is a member
  • see motions

Acting WA Co-ordinator

  • Fletcher also requests that Trevor Dadson be appointed as acting WA coordinator for duration of election period
  • see motions

Modification to Press Release Guide

Congress 2014

  • Mel is not here so this item held over for next NC meeting
  • noted that we need to start scouting good venues

Create Legal Team

  • Even if it starts out empty and fill it as we get suitable legal people
  • Brendan wants someone to write the ToR (probably Mozart, see action items)

General Business

Bank Details

  • the form spent an unusually long time in the bowels of bank bureaucracy but is now offically dispatched to Brisbane, where Mel will sign it on Monday

Candidate Agent forms

  • Canidates have forwarded to Glenn
  • NC will check and ensure process is what we think it is and that Glenn has done what is needed (Note, yes he had, all sorted)


  • MOTION: Accept the minutes of 2014-02-27.
    • Put by: Brendan
      • Ayes: 5 (Brendan, DanielJ, MarkG, David, Frew); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 1 (Mozart)
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Accept the Internet Engineering Committee ToR as worded, and appoint Jack Coulter as the IEO.
    • Put by: Brendan
      • Ayes: 6 (Brendan, DanielJ, Frew, David, MarkG, Mozart); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Permit Mark Gibbons to investigate using Xero for PPAU by creating a trial account.
    • Put by: Brendan
      • Ayes: 6 (Brendan, Frew, Mozart, DanielJ, MarkG, David); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Approve the expenditure & reimbursement of up to $250 on 3 large size outdoor banners, to be purchased by Sam Barrett (aka "unraveled"). Banners to be shipped to Newcastle in the first instance and 2 banners eventually distributed to appropriate party members in Sydney and Wollongong.
    • Urgent motion voted via email
    • Put by: DanielJ
      • Ayes 8 (DanielJ, David, Frew, Mel, Brendan, Glenn, Mozart, MarkG
      • Motion carries
  • MOTION: Accept the proposed By-law 2014-01 - Urgent Motions as worded.
    • Put by: Mozart
      • Ayes: 6 (Brendan, Frew, Mozart, David, MarkG, DanielJ); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Add Rebecca Howard to the WAWG.
    • Put by: Brendan
      • Ayes: 6 (Brendan, Mozart, Frew, DanielJ, David, MarkG); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Appoint Trevor Dadson as Acting WA Coordinator for the election period.
    • Put by: Brendan
      • Ayes: 6 (Brendan, MarkG, Mozart, DanielJ, Frew, David); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Let Mozart change the title rules for press releases.
    • Put by: Brendan
      • Ayes: 6 (Brendan, DanielJ, Mozart, David, Frew, MarkG); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Close meeting.
    • Put by: Brendan
      • Ayes: 5 (Brendan, Mozart, David, Frew, DanielJ); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.

Action Items

  • Mozart to propose a code of conduct bylaw and document
  • Mozart to begin writing ToR for legal team
  • MarkG to explore Xero