Minutes/National Council/2014-08-10

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Meeting Minutes
This document is a record of a meeting. Do not edit this document without contacting the relevant group first.


Start: 19:54 AEST
End: 21:59 AEST


  • Brendan Molloy
  • Ben McGinnes
  • Fletcher Boyd
  • Daniel Judge
  • Michael Keating
  • Melanie Thomas
  • David Campbell
  • Simon Frew
  • Brandon Selic (QLD)
  • Mark Gibbons
  • Rebecca Howard (Socmed)
  • David Crafti (Vic)



Previous Meetings Minutes

Previous Action Items

  • Address updated in relevant areas
    • see also motions re address change
  • Brendan still needs send Reg'd officer form to DanielJ
  • Party Agent form ready to go (awaiting above)
  • JoeMiles was contacted about couriers.

Sending of Pozible rewards

Updates from Free Speech symposium

  • Brendan and Mozart attended
  • it was pretty right-wing and corporate heavy as one would expect.
  • sat at table with a Liberal leader of some kind, a Socialist Alliance person, an EFA person, and a guy from the IPA.
  • Facebook people kept trying to speak to Brendan but noting eventuated
  • Brendan was also recently contacted by Google in relation to piracy reports
  • Spoke to the IPA people, and as we stand with them on a lot of civil liberties issues, talked about having another talk thing where we'd be on a panel talking copyright etc
    • they thought it'd be a lot of fun as we agree in some matter but disagree on IP
    • Brendan will contact them about that once he is feeling better
    • Was also sitting near Jim Wallace, Head of the ACL. (did not converse).
    • Also met the head of GetUp after, with Jon, at a pub; hence the EFA/GetUp petition on data retention
    • also spoke to Roger from the APF
  • Overall a good networking experience, Brendan and Mozart successful at generally getting our name out there


Vodafone SIM for Congress streaming

  • Daniel needs reimbursement for Vodafone SIM used for congress streaming
  • Receipt for $69.33 emailed to National Council on 7th August
    • See motions

Castan Centre travel

  • Brendan has not yet had a chance to scan receipts but had about $60 costs for travel
    • eg on Skybus from Melbourne airport and Sydney trains
    • Traditionally used to absorb such costs but money tighter now
    • See motions

State/Territory Coordinator Q&A

Flyers from HTV's

  • updating flyer designs and information
    • Griffith by election how to votes had good policy blurbs on back
    • Brandon proposes we update for use as flyers
    • Brendan will initiate a conversation with Jarrod re new design
    • Brandon will work with PDC and MarkG to update text to reflect new policies and amendments etc

Expansion of the media and social media teams

  • people on social media teams do need to be members
  • process is to propose people to NC and NC can add them
  • Rebecca would appreciate more people
    • Note that social media team reside in #ppau-socmed if anyone wants to get involved
    • and #ppau-press for media
  • It would be nice to have a social media person, at least one, for each state account
    • They would also be part of the federal team

Membership renewals

  • the data is being tracked, just not being put into effect yet
  • Brendan has worked out a way we can fast track getting all of this operational now that his priorities have shifted, but delayed by illness
  • renewals should be active by Sept 1
  • targetting Sept 1 for the state recruitment forms as well
    • if Brendan finds he's not getting it done as fast as he needs to, he'll just hack it onto the old form.
      • so there's a mechanism, even if less tahn ideal.
  • Joins forms needs to be customised for each state to reflect specific provisions in each state legislations
  • Note: draft state constitutions also need to be updated to take into account the new changes to the federal one
    • we have made a template constitution for each state based on the federal one, that takes into account the legislation of each state
  • Concern pricing is a bit high
    • Note, that we're able to grant price changes all the way down to free if you ask for them
      • To clarify: you can ask as Qld Coordinator for permission to offer free memberships to Qlders while recruiting
    • Brendan has a broader proposal that he'll raise at the end of the meeting.
  • Brandon keen to start actively recruiting: Proposes that once he has the raw numbers for Qld Membership, he'll propose the "Recruit someone, and your next 12 months membership is free!" plan
    • also good idea to wait until the join forms are updated, especially for state based recruiting since they need to agree to be a member of the state party also, And agree to some unique provisions under the electoral act
    • There is a new IT person being recruited which should help accelerate the forms development etc
      • Alan Isherwood (head of the ITWG equivalent in the EFA)
      • See Motions
  • Brandon looking at having a QLD meeting this coming thursday
  • Brendan informs that there are currently about 190 QLD members
    • almost enough to form an unregistered state branch
    • pirateparty.org.au/wiki/Branch_Formation_Working_Group_ToR
  • Need 500+ to look at registration etc
    • Brandon keen to do it by the book
  • Coordinators to email [email protected] to update the calendar with meeting times etc
    • new IT guy to be tasked with fixing calendar rollover bug

Definitional Changes

  • we randomly use Committee, Work Group and Team depending on our mood; not based on logic
  • Brendan proposes that we define these more formally
    • Committees should be democratic and formal organisations, with proper processes and permanence.
    • Working Groups should be created for a targeted purpose with a windup plan. Democracy is optional in a WG.
    • Teams should be an essentially adhoc grouping of people for a task that is not really defined, like design, press, programming, etc.
  • In light of this, Brendan thinks the ITWG and PWG should be converted to Teams.
    • See motions
  • The PDC would still create WGs as they make sense.
    • They are temporary organisational structures to facilitate the completion of a specific goal.

Congress Review Committee

  • http://pad.pirateparty.org.au/p/Congress_Review_Committee
  • There was a floor motion to set up a group to review the congress and see how it could be improved upon.
  • Fletcher has written ToR as a committee because it's the sort of thing we should be doing every year.
  • Basically the purpose is to have some people write a report, recommending change if necessary
  • The Congress Review Committee should be a committee because it should continue to exist. it will be dormant between congresses.
    • it might end up being an overarching committee that reviews all congresses in the country
  • There should not be a hard and fast rule against the NC being on it, but it should be a relatively "green" member of the NC so as to not bias the process
    • or another person from the membership, such as hanrahan, who demonstrated interest in forming the committee at all.
    • It might be a bit of a conflict of interest to have the remote or physical chair from the last congress as the chair of this committee
  • See motions

International Relations Team

  • http://pad.pirateparty.org.au/p/International_Relations_Working_Group
    • Note, proposed to be a team, not a working group. URL to be updated.
  • It had originally been drafted to have the President as the head of the Team as no other party seems to have their leadership team take responsibility for how they are seen on the intl stage but there is no reason someone on the NC couldn't be appointed to the IRO role
    • It doesn't have to be prescribed in the ToR.
      • Brendan does think that it would be most appropriate for someone from the NC to be the head of that Team however.
  • National Council is still the paramount body for intl relations matters.
  • Frew expresses an interesting in being IRO
    • See Motions

Changes to the PDC

  • http://pad.pirateparty.org.au/p/PDCv2
  • AndrewD supports these changes
  • Adding an Inquiries Officer will help the load somewhat, especially since there are so many inquiries these days
  • Mozart is obvious choice for IO
  • See Motions

Party Constitution Review Committee

General meeting change and reporting period

  • Brendan proposes we do the monthly report the first Tuesday of every month
  • and hold the General Meeting on the Second Tuesday of every month
  • Also NC meetings to remain every second Thursday, but to begin anew on 21 August
  • See Motions

Platform update ratification

Appointment of Deputy Press Officer

  • Joe Miles has applied for this position.
    • See Motions


  • As mentioned at last meeting Brendan and DanielJ to work on starting to document processes for general administrative tasks etc
  • Doc in google drive with work done do far, and some have been added to the wiki by DanielJ and Fletcher
  • These 'standards' ensure that mistakes & oversights when completing such tasks are less likely to occur
    • let's us do the same thign the same way multiple times.
    • the idea is that the Standards are the "standard" way to do things meaning they can be amended freely as necessary and if you don't do a thing in the list, you just say why.
    • they're firm guides, but not forceful guides.
  • They also provide new state branches with a lot of institutionalised knowledge to use
  • Also, most of them aren't complete so we won't be voting on them today, just looking.
  • Please feel free to help
  • Should be proper and ready by the next meeting
    • once there's the skeleton pages on the wiki we'll link them to the NC and you can fill them at will


  • Debit card still outstanding
  • Ben to pursue ANZ about it tomorrow as a matter of urgency
    • lack of card makes it very difficult to manage IT infrastructure payments
  • Simon and Mel to be removed as signatories, Daniel and Brendan to be added
    • See Motions
  • Bank balances are currently: $1,171.38 and $5,922.80

Proposed changes to funding model

  • Brendan thinking of possible changes to funding model, an idea to ponder, not a formal proposal as yet
    • Right now it's $20
    • we could drop it to free with an optional donation with that defaulting to $50
    • we could then have an "annual budget" determined by the NC and list how much of that has been met like a rolling crowdfunding exercise
    • a fairly radical proposal, but it solves the underlying problem with "money begging" in that begging people to donate who already paid a fee seems wrong.
      • but if we have no fee, we can say in the monthly report how much we need... or at least "desire"
    • a more conservative approach I'll be taking in the new form is $20 is the minimum (standard fee) with donation prefilled to $30
      • doesn't really want to try anything "new" until we at least have the conservative approach working for us.
  • Also suggested that we chould have fundraisers, as in, people going out to raise funds from sympathetic bodies and businesses
  • Monthy reporting system already approved, so the report should list our monthly expenses once we have that information sorted.

General Business

  • Brendan will hopefully have a draft terms of reference ready for next time regarding the women's engagement strategy working group
  • As Brendan will be overseas for a time, need a change of PO Box
    • See motions
  • David Crafti would like an means of organisation for coordinators to share ideas etc
    • irc channel #ppau-coords
  • Note also that each state has a state channel such as #ppau-qld
  • a public list of communication channels etc should be made to exist
    • See action items
  • Coordinators reminded that they should put up a pad and have someone proofread all announcements (and use sparingly)
    • make sure meeting announcements link to the calendar


  • MOTION: Accept the minutes of 2014-07-31.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 7 (Brendan, Ben, Fletcher, DanielJ, mel, David, Keating_); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Purchase 90 x 500g satchels, 100 x DL envelopes and 200 x 70c stamps for the Pozible deliveries, with a maximum price of $900.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 8 (Brendan, MarkG, Fletcher, Ben, Keating, Frew__, DanielJ, David); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Reimburse Daniel Judge $69.33 for cost of Vodafone SIM for Congress.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 6 (Brendan, Frew__, Keating, Fletcher, mel, MarkG); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 1 (DanielJ)
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Reimburse Brendan Molloy for the value specified on the relevant receipts relating to transport to the Castan Centre human rights conf, up to $60.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 8 (MarkG, DanielJ, Keating, Fletcher, mel, Ben, David, Frew); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 1 (Brendan)
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Appoint Alan Isherwood to the IT Working Group.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 8 (Brendan, Frew__, MarkG, DanielJ, Keating, mel, Ben, Fletcher, Fletcher); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Accept the Congress Review Committee Terms of Reference as written.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 8 (Brendan, Fletcher, Ben, DanielJ, MarkG, Frew__, Keating, mel); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Accept the International Relations Team Terms of Reference as worded.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 7 (Frew__, Fletcher, Brendan, Keating, DanielJ, Ben, mel); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Appoint Simon Frew as International Relations Officer.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 6 (Fletcher, Brendan, DanielJ, Frew__, MarkG, mel); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Accept the amended Policy Development Committee Terms of Reference as worded.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 8 (Fletcher, MarkG, Brendan, DanielJ, Keating, Frew__, David, mel); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Appoint Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer as Inquiries Officer.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 6 (Fletcher, MarkG, Brendan, Keating, Frew__, DanielJ); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Accept the Party Constitution Review Committee Terms of Reference.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 6 (Brendan, Frew__, Fletcher, Keating, DanielJ, MarkG); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Rename ITWG and PWG to IT Team and Programming Team respectively, and modify their Terms of References where necessary.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 7 (Brendan, Keating, Ben, Fletcher, Frew__, DanielJ, MarkG); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Appoint David Crafti as Party Constitution Review Officer.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 6 (Brendan, Frew__, Keating, David, DanielJ, mel); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Provide monthly report on the first Tuesday of each month, and host General Meetings second Tuesday of each month. National Council meetings shall be held every second Thursday, starting from August 21, 2014.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 7 (Keating, Brendan, mel, Fletcher, David, Ben, Frew__); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Accept the amended platform and relevant policies as complete and correct as per the result of the National Congress.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 8 (Brendan, Fletcher, Keating, MarkG, DanielJ, Frew__, David, Ben); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Appoint Joe Miles as Deputy Press Officer.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 9 (Brendan, Keating, mel, DanielJ, MarkG, David, Fletcher, Frew__, Ben); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Remove Simon Frew and Melanie Thomas as signatories, and add Brendan Molloy and Daniel Judge, to all ANZ bank accounts. Secretary to provide a letter listing living addresses of all new signatories for ANZ.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 7 (MarkG, Brendan, Keating, Fletcher, DanielJ, Ben, Frew__); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Formally change the Party address to 65 Burg Street, East Maitland, NSW 2323.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 7 (Fletcher, Brendan, Keating, David, Frew__, Ben, DanielJ); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Open a PO Box in Wollongong as the formal mailing address for the Party, up to the cost of $250.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 9 (mel, Keating, Brendan, Fletcher, Ben, Frew__, DanielJ, MarkG, David); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Close meeting.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 6 (Keating, DanielJ, Brendan, Fletcher, David, MarkG); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.

Action Items

  • Joe to email details of postage to NC
  • Brendan to contact IPA about a debate at some stage in future (when feeling better)
  • Mozart and Brendan to update Draft State Constitutions to reflect newly passed Constitutional amendments
  • DanielJ and Brendan to created documented list and details of all relevant groups
  • ITWG to created [email protected] email address for new ITWG member
  • DanielJ to open PO Box in Wollongong
  • DanielJ (Secretary) to provide a letter listing living addresses of all new signatories for ANZ.
  • Ben to pursue ANZ about debit card tomorrow as a matter of urgency
  • discuss further with Brandon speaking to organisations about donations
  • put the call out for interested parties who want to be the Congress Review Officer.
  • public listing of relevant communication places: twitter, fb, irc, etc
  • Brendan to follow up on QLD twitter accounts for Brandon