Pirate Congress 2012

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14-15 July, 2012


Ross House
247 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000


There are a bucket load of hostels and cheapish hotels in and around Melbourne CBD. So you can easily shop around if you want to. Here is a short list of ones either recommended to me or I have stayed in myself. If you find any good ones please feel free to add them here.


  • $22-$70 a night depending on how many people in the dorm
  • 15min walk to Ross House, even quicker if you catch the tram
  • Direct shuttle to/from the airport
  • Breakfast available


  • $34-$100 a night depending on room/how many people in room
  • Free wifi
  • $14 a day parking
  • best reviews of a hostel of its type near the cbd
  • 15min tram ride to Ross House


  • approx $60 a night
  • 15min walk to Ross House, even quicker if you catch the tram
  • Free wifi
  • Less likely to be annoying backpackers etc staying there
  • Breakfast available
  • Kitchens and Laundry facilities


  • $85-$130 per night depending on room size
  • All locations a 20min or less walk/tram ride to Ross House
  • Free parking included at certain locations
  • Kitchens in rooms



  • Is cheaper per fare to get a miki, but they cost $6 for the card. So depends if you will use the miki in future trips to melbourne or not.
  • There is a bus to/from the airport to Southern Cross Station called Skybus. It's $28 return with free connections to most cbd hotels http://www.skybus.com.au/
  • There will be two people driving from NSW on Friday and returning Monday. Carpooling will be available.


Feel free to RSVP at http://piratecon2012.eventbrite.com.au/.


Details relating to the availability of wireless internet access will be announced closer to the date.

Wifi via a 3G router will provide us with at least dialup speeds!


Published after the Congress.

Pirate Congress 2012 Agenda

The proposed agenda can be found here.

National Council Elections

As per Article 2 of the Constitution, the National Council will be elected after deliberation at the National Congress. The day(s) will be used to discuss leadership candidates, policies, ideas and party structures. Voting will open after the deliberative process. The Pirate Congress 2012 Candidates page contains a list of candidates standing for the National Council and their statements. Please add your statement as appropriate if you intend to run for election.

Dispute Resolution Committee Elections

As per Article 10 of the Constitution, at the National Congress "members of the Party must elect by simple majority elect three (3) members who will form the Dispute Resolution Committee. At least one member of the Dispute Resolution Committee should be legally qualified." The Pirate Congress 2012 Candidates page contains a list of candidates standing for the Dispute Resolution Committee and their statements. Please add yours as appropriate if you intend to run for the election.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Party is incorporated in NSW, and for the purposes of the Incorporations Act 1984 (NSW) the National Congress will serve as the AGM.

Party Platform and Policies

Policies are voted/decided on at the National Congress. Voting on policies will happen after the deliberative process. Procedural and amendment votes will only be available for those in attendance, adoption votes will be party wide. Policy submissions and topics for discussion should be circulated and on the wiki/forums, and [email protected] informed well in advance, so that an agenda can be formulated. Rules for deliberative assembly allow for new business to be accepted at the Congress exist - however time constraints and unpreparedness will probably lead to a rejection of unannounced inclusions.

Current Proposed Motions

Current proposed Pirate Congress 2012 Motions can be added to by any member. If you have a proposed discussion on any aspect of Pirate politics, or a change/addition to the party platform, you can do so, by following the above directions.

Constitutional Amendments

Proposed constitutional amendments should be added to this section.

Standing Orders

General assemblies are regulated by rules of order or standing orders that regulate the deliberative process. There is a draft of National Congress Standing Orders that you can contribute to.