Freedom Not Fear Sydney Rally Announced

As part of a global day of action, a coalition of activists have called a Freedom Not Fear rally and barbecue in Sydney’s Hyde Park on Saturday September 15 at 12pm. The action is supported by a range of organisations including Pirate Party Australia, Support Assange and WikiLeaks Coalition, Electronic Frontiers Australia, the NSW Fire Brigades Employees Union and

There will be speakers and workshops covering a range of issues, including censorship, surveillance, governmental transparency, encryption and whistleblowing. There will also be music and (council permitting) a barbecue.

“We think it is important to show our opposition to censorship and the rising surveillance state,” said Simon Frew, Deputy President of Pirate Party Australia and one of the organisers. “We encourage everyone who is concerned about the erosion of our civil liberties to come along and show their support for a free society. Since the beginning of the War on Terror, there has been a continual erosion of our rights and it is time to say enough.”

“We think a big part of the day is celebrating the freedoms we have and sending the message that we need more. It is healthy for society to hear dissenting voices, to have opposing opinions and to have free debate. We need to start pushing back, campaigning for a freer society, and we see this as a good start,” Mr Frew continued.

More workshops and stalls are welcome. Interested individuals and organisations should contact [email protected] to express interest and work out the details. For more information, see the

2 thoughts on “Freedom Not Fear Sydney Rally Announced

  1. Que saudável!
    Fico entre entusiasmada e efusiva
    Se essa moda pega, os votos serão para vocês!Dimensione no orbe…
    Eu voltaria a votar, sempre faço campanha para anular/ impugnar a eleição. Nenhum deles me representa. Agora vejo o renovar.
    Feliz campanha!!!

  2. Can’t attend due to other commitments but hope it is great day and encourages more Australians to take up the cudgels in defense of our freedom and privacy. These values are not dirty words to be managed by faceless bureaccrats. They are living breathing shibboleths – ours by birthright. Don’t let them be stolen from by increments.

    My own area of interest is the ever encroaching use of CCTV cameras in our local suburbs and shopping centres. I have no objection to a retailer using CCTV in his/her private space so long as they inform the customer, but I strongly object to the use of indiscriminate surveillance in our public places. The State has no automatic right to my DNA or fingerprints. Why should it be allowed to collect/store and disclose my visual image to various authorities including local government and the police just because I am going about my lawful business in my local shopping centre.

    Surveillance should have to be justified on reasonable grounds and it should be subject to oversite, preferably judicial. Somewhere along the way we have lost site of those very noble concepts that protect our liberty from unnecessary and unwelcome intrusions by the State. WE MUST RECLAIM THEM!

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