Pirate Party Australia defends your internet against copyright-lobby censorship

Our submission has been made to the government on the latest proposed overreaches to a business first copyright lobby legislation.

We made a point of highlighting how our recommendations from previous years have been ignored, and indeed multiple governments for years have been ignoring recommendations from civil society bodies into implementing key copyleft provisions into Australian law. This latest overreach contains serious concerns including the removal of judicial oversight from arbitrary site blocking and expansionary overly broad terminology which carries the threat of insidious corporate and governmental censorship. The full submission [1] can be found on the inquiry web page [2].

Our ideal world is one where fair use provisions are protected, where monopolist IP lockdowns are busted, where all people have access to our culture and media with reasonable remuneration to the creators and not a parasitic industry built off their backs.

“Although this amendment is being rushed through, we were not caught offguard and multiple Pirates and members of civil society came forward to lay bright eyes over the parchment with only the public good in mind”, said Miles Whiticker, President of Pirate Party Australia. “I want to highlight the efforts of Dr Matthew Rimmer from QUT Law and Cory Doctorow, who is helping us fight the good fight to keep the internet free from other shores.”

This fight is not over and this fight is not won either this election or the next. Come on board and join the Pirate Party today!

[1]: https://www.aph.gov.au/DocumentStore.ashx?id=3d0605d4-b614-49d4-965f-4f1950a46cd2&subId=662874
[2]: https://www.aph.gov.au/sitecore/content/Home/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/Environment_and_Communications/OnlineInfringementBill/Submissions