Minutes/National Council/2013-02-13

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Meeting Minutes
This document is a record of a meeting. Do not edit this document without contacting the relevant group first.


Start: 20:06 13/02/2013 AEDT

Finish: 23:05 13/02/2013 AEDT


  • David Campbell
  • Simon Frew
  • Sam Kearns
  • Brendan Molloy (Chair)
  • Rodney Serkowski
  • Glen Takkenberg
  • Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer (60 minutes late, with apology)


Meeting with AEC

  • Glen met with AEC's finance and disclosure section on Monday.
  • Access to electoral rolls
    • Ran through software and obligations as Party Agent.
    • Access to electoral rolls is not provided to parties which are simply federally registered.
    • Need to prove on a state-by-state basis that state branches exist and are active.
  • Senate groupings
    • At least two candidates are required for PPAU to have groupings on the ballot.
  • Financial disclosures
    • Rodney and Sam can do returns, or Glen can do it if he gets the data from them.
    • Every candidate and senate grouping needs a financial return
    • If all campaign spending goes through the party, the candidates can file nil returns.
    • Need to account for bank accounts and donations to state branches as well.
    • Candidates who raise their own funds will need to record all donations and expenditure.
    • "All the major parties" run campaign spending through main party accounts.
    • All gifts and donations must be recorded.
    • Can't accept anonymous donations.
    • All donors must be recorded, donors over $12,000 must be reported.

Minutes of previous meeting

  • See motions

Revisit action items

Requests to join PDC

  • See motions

Pre-selection bylaw

Determine group size

  • Proposal to limit group size to two candidates per state (territories deliberately excluded).
  • One reserve candidate in case there is a withdrawal.
  • See motions.

Disallow use of third party services for official meetings

  • Members shouldn't need to sign up to Google+ to access meetings.
  • Contravenes transparency and privacy.
  • IRC and Mumble are provided.
  • See motions.
  • Creation of possible charter for committees.

Implementing multiple new membership levels

  • Discussion of amending https://pirateparty.org.au/wiki/National_Council_Resolutions#Resolution-2011-2
  • Associate member to be same price as full member
  • Registered member to be full member, removing need for a rename.
  • Same price would dissuade people from choosing the cheaper option which would be useless for AEC purposes.
  • Associate membership for those 16 and above.
  • Associate membership is for those who can't be members by law or other reason.
  • Brendan will present a motion at the next NC meeting.


  • General agreement that allowing members to determine preferences is the best option.
  • 48 hour window to determine preferences for independents.
  • See motions.

Announcement for background checks

  • Matter was raised at previous night's general meeting.
  • Unnecessary following preslection by-law.

Martin Fredriksson research interviews

  • Interview went well.
  • Martin will be returning post-election and would like to meet more pirates as part of ongoing research.

Formation of Election Committee

  • Post-poned till the next NC meeting.
  • See action items.

Policy meeting update

  • Gaelic Club is $560 for a weekend.
  • Entry fee required to cover cost.
  • $35 negotiable entry fee considered appropriate.
  • See motions.

Request for mandate to form NSW State party

  • Simon Frew requested a mandate to form the NSW branch of Pirate Party Australia.
  • See motions.

Assange/WikiLeaks Party

  • Mark Street attended WACA meeting.
  • Contact with party members made.

Approval of Campaigns Committee Terms of Reference

Business cards

  • Post-poned until next meeting.

FOI sadness

  • Centralised repository for retained data.
  • Going further than what has been claimed.
  • Further FOI requests for AFP, ACMA and DBCDE

Return to PPI letter

  • See motions.


  • Motion: accept last meeting minutes — https://pirateparty.org.au/wiki/Minutes/National_Council/2013-01-30
    • 5 ayes
    • Motion passes.
  • Motion: approve the application by Ben McGinnes to join the Policy Development Committee
    • 6 ayes
    • Motion passed
  • Motion: approve the application by Brendan Molloy to join the Policy Development Committee
    • 6 ayes
    • Motion passed
  • Motion: conditionally accept the Preselection Bylaw, pending a 14 day review period for members to put in any concerns. Such concerns will be considered by the National Council at the next National Council meeting.
    • 7 ayes
    • Motion passed.
  • Motion: set the senate group size for all states to 2 candidates. The NC will attempt to fund candidates evenly between states, and will inform candidates that they must assist in fundraising where there is a shortfall. Territories may run if they provide their own funding.
    • 6 ayes
    • Motion passed
  • Motion: It is preferred that Party managed services are used for formal meetings within PPAU. If third party services must be used for official meetings, there must be the option of accountless, pseudonymous guest participation.
    • To become an NC resolution.
    • 7 ayes
    • Motion passed
  • Motion: a democratic process, yet to be determined, will be used for selecting preferences for the upcoming Federal election.
    • 5 ayes.
    • Motion passed.
  • Motion: authorise expenditure up to $600 for the purposes of hosting a policy meeting. The entry fee will be $35 with exemptions for hardship.
    • 5 ayes.
    • Motion passes.
  • Motion: grant mandate to form NSW party to Simon Frew. An agenda item of this mandate must be raised at the next NSW meeting. A working group should be formed for the purposes of managing the formation of the state party.
    • 7 ayes.
    • Motion passes.
  • Motion: accept the Campaigns ToR as worded.
    • 5 ayes
    • Motion passes.
  • Motion: accept the PPI letter as worded, of which Frew will send on behalf of the NC.
    • 5 ayes.
  • Motion passes.
  • Motion to close meeting.
    • 5 ayes.
    • Motion passes.

Action items

  • Simon to create Terms of Reference for Election Committee.