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Official Party Document
The veracity of this document is ensured by the National Council and editing of this page is limited to members of the National Council.

Resolutions are made by a majority vote of the National Council at a National Council meeting. You may look through the National Council minutes to find the specific motions in regards to these Resolutions.


Resolution 2011-1 — Pre-registration memberships

If an annual membership fee is set by the National Council, it shall become payable on 17 January for all persons who became members of the Party on or before 17 January 2013.

Resolution 2011-4 — State and Territory Coordinator responsibilities

The responsibilities of State and Territory Coordinators include

  • engaging local members through meetings and other events, and
  • coordinating speakers at local events, and
  • general state-specific Pirate Party involvement, and
  • assisting in the formation of the relevant state or territory branch, and
  • attending General Meetings or making alternative arrangements with the National Council.


Resolution 2011-5 — Official email addresses

Official Pirate Party email addresses may only be allocated for members who hold official positions within the party such as Councillors, Officers or State and Territory Coordinators.

Resolution 2011-6 — Redactions

  1. A motion may be made to redact from the record all discussions pertaining to a member that may be sensitive, damaging or cause embarrassment to that member or the Party.
  2. A non-redacted version may be made available with the permission of the member or members involved upon request.
  3. A warning must be placed in the minutes and any relevant logs stating that some information has been redacted, and must include a point of contact for more information.

Resolution 2013-2 — Email signatures

All officials of the Party (including, but not limited to, Councillors, Officers, and State and Territory Coordinators) must use the email signature template found in Appendix C — Email Signature Template.

Resolution 2013-3 — Participation of State and Territory Coordinators

State and Territory Coordinators or the Secretary of each State and Territory Branch may raise motions at National Council meetings and may speak during discussions.

Resolution 2013-4 — Funding and reimbursement requests

The National Council may vote on funding and reimbursement requests outside of National Council meetings via email, as long as that payment is noted at the very next meeting of the National Council.

Resolution 2016-1 — Internal groups

  1. A 'committee' is an internal group that
    1. is constituted by a terms of reference, and
    2. is subordinate to the National Council, and
    3. is formally structured, and
    4. is led or chaired by an Officer who must be a full member, and
    5. is organised democratically, and
    6. is required to meet regularly, and
    7. has a coordinating or monitoring role.
  2. A 'team' is an internal group that
    1. is constituted by a terms of reference, and
    2. is subordinate to the National Council, and
    3. is not formally structured, and
    4. is led by an Officer, and
    5. is not organised democratically, and
    6. has ongoing responsibility for a specific area of activity, and
    7. may be required meet regularly.
  3. A 'working group' is an internal group that
    1. is subordinate to the National Council or a committee, and
    2. is not formally structured, and
    3. performs a specific task at fixed intervals or for a fixed duration, and
    4. may be
      1. constituted by a terms of reference, or
      2. created as an ad hoc group, or
      3. led by an Officer, or
      4. organised democratically, or
      5. required to meet regularly.



Appendix C — Email signature template

[Note: text enclosed between <> indicates information that will change according to personal preference and/or requirements. Text enclosed within [] indicates optional information.]

<"Regards,", "Warm regards,", "Kind regards,", or "Yours sincerely,">
<Given and family names>
<Position/s (separated by a comma)>
Pirate Party Australia
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E: < email address>
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[PGP: <key id>]
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