Minutes/National Council/2013-06-19

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Meeting Minutes
This document is a record of a meeting. Do not edit this document without contacting the relevant group first.


Start time: 20:00 AEST 19/06/13
meeting suspended due to lack of quorum
meeting reconvened at 21:56 AEST 19/06/13
Finish time: 22:37 AEST 19/06/13


  • Brendan Molloy
  • Sam Kearns
  • Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer
  • Glen Takkenberg
  • Rodney Serkowski (after reopen)
  • David Campbell (late with apology)


  • Simon Frew


Last minutes

  • Postponed as lacking quorum
  • See motions

Withdraw resolution 2011-2

  • No longer relevant
  • Constitutional amendment being proposed
  • Need support of members anyway, so resolution redundant.

Action items from previous meetings

Preferences mailout

  • "Prepare mailout to be sent to other parties explaining our process and requesting reasons to preference them; press team to write a PR for release in parallel"
  • A few questions to be mailed out
  • Sticking to guns and doing it democratically

ToR for internal elections not complete

  • "Brendan will write ToR for Internal Elections Committee/Working Group"
  • Will be done by next NC meeting
  • People can be appointed at that meeting


  • 24 hour period in which to lodge preferences
  • Each state must present a bank cheque
    • Proposal that the lead candidate in each state is elected as a deputy registered officer if that isn't a legal issue.
    • Allows for issues to be resolved if they crop up locally, otherwise Glen would not be able to fix them at short notice.
    • Greens have 11 deputies, so this should not be an issue
    • Unsure if a candidate can or can't be a deputy.
    • Glen found no reason why a candidate can't be a deputy registered officer.
    • Senate group agents are required:
      • Each group needs its own agent
      • Perhaps not "need".


  • All booked
  • Smallest room
  • Still only two RSVPs
  • Invitation to David Pope, interested but hasn't said yes
  • Should invite Rick Falkvinge to talk

Meeting adjourned

  • Lack of quroum
  • Adjourned until 9 pm

Meeting re-opened

  • Rodney appears, quorum met

Committee members applications

  • See motions

Constitutional amendments by-law

  • Should "web" be clarified?
    • It was vague to allow website or wiki
    • Thinking more in a globally accessible way
    • Changed to be more explicit
  • Common-sense approach to changes to proposals is needed
    • Either allow amendments or don't
    • Not a significant issue though.
  • See motions


  • Discussion to be continued via email.

Withdraw Resolution 2011-2

  • See motions.

Campaigns material

Any other business

  • Brendan is not re-running for Secretary
  • Bank balance
    • Just under $23K
  • Expense declarations/donations
    • Brendan has quite a few
    • Receipts, plus expenses in spreadsheets.
    • Have to be added as gifts in kind.
    • Donation receipts required by June 30 for tax.
  • See motions


  • Accept application from Emma Roberts to join Campaigns Committee.
    • 5 ayes
    • Motion passes.
  • Adopt the constitutional amendments bylaw as worded.
    • 5 ayes.
    • Motion passes.
  • Withdraw National Council Resolution 2011-2
    • 5 ayes
    • Motion passes.
  • Authorise expenditure of up to $300 for printing of Flyer_2013_Blue_v1 to be delivered to Glen Takkenberg
    • 5 ayes
    • Motion passes.
  • Appoint all lead senate candidates as deputy registered officers.
    • 5 ayes.
    • Motion passes.
  • Reaffirm Rodney Serkowski as Public Officer.
    • 5 ayes
    • Motion passes.
  • Motion to close:
    • 5 ayes
    • Motion passes.

Action items

  • Brendan to prepare minutes on a letterhead for Rodney ASAP.