Minutes/National Council/2015-08-05

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Meeting Minutes
This document is a record of a meeting. Do not edit this document without contacting the relevant group first.


Start: 20:31 AEST
End: 21:12 AEST



  • Daniel Judge
  • Simon Frew
  • Michael Keating
  • Fletcher Boyd
  • Mark Gibbons
  • Brendan Molloy

Newly Elected

  • Adien Treleaven
  • Thomas Randle
  • David Crafti


  • David Campbell


Previous meeting's minutes

Election results

  • We are the results. Welcome.
    • Results announced, to be published.

DRC vacancy issue

  • We have two peoples on the DRC now because Ben retains Deputy Treasurer.
  • Brendan suggests the next NC directs the Constitutional review Committee to work on fixing the DRC section pretty quickly.
    • then hosts an online extraordinary congress to resolve it.
    • NC doesn't really have the power to appoint anyone to the DRC either.

Congress Minutes

  • Slow going, but amended motions, electoral discussion and CAPs were done in time for voting.
    • Will still take some time to complete
    • Working primarily from audio.


  • See here: https://pirateparty.org.au/wiki/Standards/National_Council/Handover
  • no final costs arising from the Congress as far as we know
    • everything was paid
    • and we made a SIGNIFICANT surplus.
  • all the addresses remain the same
  • no new committees or anything
  • all coordinator roles spilled.
    • next NC has to reappoint them
    • Suggestion to jam a extra NC meeting in next week to address coordinators and other handover matters
  • Constitution
    • Done, updated
  • Update preamble on platform
    • Mozart will look at wiki'ing the platform changes
  • Banking
    • Brendan and MarkG to meet and arrange signatory handover details (ie removing Brendan, adding Frew)
    • See Motions
  • Brendan role changes
    • Brendan effectively resigns all of his roles.
    • MarkG should take up the DVWG
      • Brendan happy to discuss whatever his plans with that were and MarkG can make it his own.
    • PWG: Brendan will propose to Melody as she seems to be enjoying it
    • Brendan will stay in the CRC (not leading)
    • Suggest titling Brendan "Advisor" so we can keep organisational knowledge where necessary
    • and so that anything that is completely linked to his account doesn't just break
    • also treat him as an officer for the purposes of not breaking everything
    • binds him and holds him to Charter of Responsibilities
    • See Motions
  • Charter of Responsibilities
  • Other stuff
    • we need to finish all the technical stuff like renewals
    • Brendan will write up what he thinks is needed
    • secertariat: wishlist by next wednesday.
    • Brendan will then work with MarkG to consider a tender process for it and we'll go from there.
  • check that all Congress actions are met which includes the agenda items you have been assigned by the Congress itself

Membership by-law

  • proposal is here:
    • https://discuss.pirateparty.org.au/t/constitutional-update-suggestion-membership-levels/517/12?u=piecritic
    • The National Council may propose to existing members the creation of additional categories of Membership of the Party. A quorum of 10% of the entire existing membership is necessary for such a vote, which will be decided by simple majority of those members.
    • so one way we can implement this is an online vote that closes by 8pm next Wednesday
      • so the second you start the NC meeting, you can enforce the by-law (or not if you hate it)
      • then next Congress, we can implement it as a constitutional amendment if it works out
    • See Motions
    • Brendan will shoot out the ballots tonight once he scoops out _all_ members

Next NC Meeting

  • as discussed earlier
    • Propose next Wednesday, then the following Wednesday and every second Wednesday thereafter as calendared.

General Business

  • DanielJ, David Crafti and Michael Keating will need to arrange some paperwork re the Registered officer and party agent roles handover
    • will sort that over email tomorrow
  • Need to consider what NC wants to do with coordinators at all
    • the reason we withdrew the elections was because they need a fundamental rethink and NC needs to consider its goals
    • inform [email protected] that they're spilled
  • Please check over this -> http://pad.pirateparty.org.au/p/greens-electoral-letter
    • Should the proposed meeting and congress discussion negate need for the letter?
    • MarkG feels we should send it anyway as at least it might let us spend less time explaining ourselves and more time in a real exchange
    • Not transitional topic, hold this over til a later time.


  • MOTION: Accept the minutes of 2015-07-22.
    • Put by: Brendan
      • Ayes: Brendan, Keating, Frew, Fletcher, DanielJ; Nays: none; Abstains: none
    • Tally
      • Ayes: 5; Nays: 0; Abstains: 0; TOTAL: 5
    • Result: Motion carries. 100.00% in favour.
  • MOTION: Add Simon Frew as a signatory to the Party accounts, and remove Brendan Molloy
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Votes
      • Ayes: Brendan, Fletcher, Frew, DanielJ, MarkG, Keating; Nays: none; Abstains: none
    • Tally
      • Ayes: 6; Nays: 0; Abstains: 0; TOTAL: 6
    • Result: Motion carries. 100.00% in favour.
  • MOTION: Appoint Brendan Molloy as an Advisor.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Votes
      • Ayes: DanielJ, MarkG, Keating, Frew, Fletcher; Nays: Brendan; Abstains: none
    • Tally
      • Ayes: 5; Nays: 1; Abstains: 0; TOTAL: 6
    • Result: Motion carries. 83.33% in favour.
  • MOTION: Implement the proposed by-law "Additional membership levels" pending acceptance by the members.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Votes
      • Ayes: Brendan, MarkG, Fletcher, Keating, DanielJ, Frew; Nays: none; Abstains: none
    • Tally
      • Ayes: 6; Nays: 0; Abstains: 0; TOTAL: 6
    • Result: Motion carries. 100.00% in favour.
  • MOTION: Close that there meeting.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Votes
      • Ayes: Brendan, DanielJ, MarkG, Frew, Keating, Fletcher; Nays: none; Abstains: none
    • Tally
      • Ayes: 6; Nays: 0; Abstains: 0; TOTAL: 6
    • Result: Motion carries. 100.00% in favour.