IT Accounts Policy

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  • Last updated 08/08/12
  • Version 1.0
  • Approved at 08/08/12 NC Meeting

NB: Spirit of this policy is to allow the closure of inactive accounts and those of outgoing personnel. Where possible, data is preserved for historical/reference purposes. The creation or modification of accounts should follow security "best practice".

Account Creation

  1. Pirate Party Australia (Google Apps) accounts are assigned as per NC Resolution 2011-5.
  2. Accounts to any other services are assigned as required, with the minimum privileges required to carry out the task

Account Suspension/Termination

  1. Outgoing members of the National Council, Committees, Co-ordinators and any other person granted a Google Apps account will be given written notice by e-mail that their account will be suspended within twenty eight (28) days of the end of their term of office to allow time to save any important data, notify contacts of a closure of the e-mail address and set up an autoresponder unless they continue to serve in an official capacity representing Pirate Party Australia.
  1. Any person with a Google Apps account inactive for more than six (6) months will receive a written warning via an alternate contact method, after which if no activity is present for another month, the account will be suspended. An autoresponder will be implemented to notify any senders that the e-mail account is no longer operational and mail will be forwarded to a catch-all address.
  1. Any person with an account on any PPAU maintained service which has been inactive for over six (6) months since the date of last activity will be given a written warning, then suspended or terminated if no written reply is received within a twenty eight (28) days.
  1. Any person who undertakes any action using a service operated by Pirate Party Australia which jeopardises the functioning of the Party or which imposes an undue security risk, whether intentional or accidental may have their account suspended immediately by the head of the IT Team or as directed by the National Council.

Account Privilege Policy

  1. Accounts created are assigned the minimum privileges necessary for the person to carry out the allocated task.
  2. Accounts with administrative (or equivalent wording) privileges are only available to members of:
    • National Council
    • Nominated IT Team/Committee Head
    • members of the IT Team
  3. Accounts created by National Council and State/Territory Party officials are also subject to the policies listed in this document.

Privileges are granted only if they are necessary to undertake the required work; they are not an immediate entitlement.


  1. When Google App accounts are modified,
    • a record of actions undertaken will be kept by the IT Work Group
    • notification will be sent immediately in writing to the affected user
    • notification will be sent immediately in writing to the National Council
  2. When accounts to other Pirate Party services are modified,
    • a record of actions undertaken will be kept by the IT Work Group
    • notification will be sent in writing immediately to the affected user
    • notification will be sent in writing to the National Council


  1. Any part of the accounts policy can be overridden at the discretion of the National Council.
  2. Any part of this policy can be overridden by the head of the IT Team if the creation/suspension/termination/modification of an account would impede the functioning of Pirate Party Australia.