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The IT Team is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of computer systems and servers to support the activities of Pirate Party Australia. The team also processes and responds to internal Party enquiries from our officials and party members related to IT services.


The IT Team maintains the following services:

  • Public website, the wiki and the media directory;
  • DNS and uptime monitoring;
  • General e-mail and mailing lists;
  • Internal communication and collaboration systems (etherpad, mumble, etc);
  • Data backups and server maintenance;
  • Monitoring of site analytics, e-mail/IP reputation, SEO etc.

The following services are managed in conjunction with the IT Team:

  • MemberDB;
  • Petitions;
  • Congress streaming and remote participation.
  • IRC ( / - see for more information;

The services for the following groups are not maintained by the IT Team. Please contact the respective person/committee for assistance:

Some state/territory chapters may opt to maintain and administer their own services e.g. PPAU-ACT.


Internal policies that may be of relevance to party members and officers are publicised here:

User Guides

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Committee Members

IT Officers are listed as part of the Party Structure.