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Request Tracker (RT) is a ticket based tracking system used to coordinate tasks and manage enquiries from members of the public, media and various internal committees and workgroups. Tickets are created from a web interface or via e-mail and are assigned to person/s to be actioned. RT documents the entire process from the initial request, task assignment, replies to the requestor and to the final resolution.

More information about RT is available here on Wikipedia or at the developers website.

Quick Start Tutorial

If you have never used a ticketing system before, the following short tutorial will familiarise you with RT and teach you the operational basics. It is strongly recommended that you read through the following topics sequentially as the examples used build upon the previous steps. Some of the information presented here is specific to the Pirate Party Australia instance of RT.

Concept of Operation



Automatic Responses

First Run

Logging in and out of RT

Updating your profile


Working with Tickets

Taking Ownership


Changing ticket status and queue

Basic Searches

Assigning tickets

Bookmarks and Reminders

Creating a new ticket

Merging Tickets

Frequently Asked Questions

I added a comment and clicked update, but it is not visible in the ticket history

Your user account may have user permissions set incorrectly. Contact an administrator for assistance.

Is RT compatible with mobile devices?

Yes. The login and logout pages are the same as the desktop version, but a mobile optimised version of the dashboard and ticket pages will be served to your device.

Rejected or resolved tickets are no longer visible in RT

This behaviour is correct. You will need to use the search functionality to find the ticket.

Is a signature necessary?

Yes, please refer to Updating your profile for more information on how to do so.

I can't stay logged in to RT

Ensure that you have enabled cookies in your browser settings. If you are running any browser history clearing or disk cleanup software, this may be deleting your cookies causing RT not to recognise you as a logged in user. Note: RT requires you to re-authenticate once every 24 hours as a security precaution.

My browser crashes after a few hours if I use the auto refresh feature in the dashboard

This is usually caused by a memory leak or bug in your browser. Make sure you are using the latest stable version of your browser. If your browser window/tabs are open for weeks at a time (e.g. you hibernate/sleep your desktop or PC with your browser open), consider restarting the application every few days.

I updated X field/option but when the page refreshes it has reverted back

Did you remember to commit changes by clicking the Save/Submit/Update/Go button? If an option persistently reverts back, your account user permissions may not be set correctly. Contact an administrator for assistance.

Can I 'steal' a ticket from someone else?

No. You can only take a new ticket from the queue, assign a ticket to another staff member, or have a ticket assigned to you. Only administrators can forcibly re-assign a ticket from one staff member to another, or take ownership of a ticket for themselves.

Can others see my reply/comment if I have taken a ticket?

Other staff can see any comments or replies made to the ticket, but only if they have access to the queue your ticket resides in.